General Dentistry


Dental diseases are one of the most common conditions known. Tooth decay and gum disease are also totally preventable. Treatments such as fluoride, sealants and regular hygiene visits form the foundation to optimal lifetime dental health. At Domain Dental we pride ourselves by our commitment to prevention of dental diseases.


At Domain Dental we restore teeth affected by cavities (dental caries) using the latest filling materials bonded directly into the cavity. The intrinsic strength of the materials used, combined with adhesion to tooth structure results in a extremely strong and durable and virtually invisible restoration.

Removable Dentures

Once many of the teeth have been lost, or decayed to the point that they are non-restorable; the best restorative option is sometimes a partial or complete denture. Dentures have the ability to restore a dentally compromised patient to a very esthetically pleasing and functional result. At Domain Dental we can advise you of the most effective option for replacing missing teeth.


Whilst every effort is made to save teeth, there are some cases where this is unfortunately not possible. A problem tooth can be extracted painlessly and comfortably. The site is then managed post operatively to ensure rapid and uneventful healing.
In addition, once a tooth is lost we can provide you with many options to replace it and any others:
Removable Dentures